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Slow Travel Escapes

Our escapes and one day events aim to immerse you deeper in the local life, culture and cuisine of Ibiza. We are collaborating with the most interesting and inspiring personalities on the ground - established titans and emerging talents - from the creative and culinary world. Join us at one of our pop-up events or let us create a personalized escape on the island tailored to your taste.


godai escapes 

Slow Food

We are all about slowing down when it comes to food, we indulge in the flavours on our plates and savour the company that we are in. Our experiences aim awaken your senses and unlock culture through food.


slow down


discover authentic dishes


Be in the present


Respect the ingredients


celebrate local talent


godai escapes

Local Living

On every experience we curate, we are accompanied by the most dynamic local players in gastronomy, art, design, fashion and beyond. We immerse deep into the local community to bring you the most authentic experience of Ibiza.


Godai Escapes

Ibiza Untold

There is so much in Ibiza still left to discover. Let us take you on a journey through it’s green hills, and meet the passionate locals that keep the island vibrant and alive.

This lifestyle doesn’t work for you if you haven’t infused love in everything you do.

Love your food, love your body and love yourself along each step of the journey”
— Danielle Duboise & Whitney Tingle