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Lime, Cardamom & Coconut Energy Balls by our Ibiza Chef Rakhee

Lime, Cardamom & Coconut Energy Balls by our Ibiza Chef Rakhee

Lime, Cardamom & Coconut Energy Balls  

Created by our Ibiza Chef Rakhee who puts her love, magic and heritage into every recipe. 


Lime, Cardamom & Coconut Energy Balls (makes 20, 1 inch balls approx.)


½ cup almonds (soaked for 2 hrs or overnight) ½ cup medjool dates, pitted

2 cups cashew nuts, raw/unsalted 5-6 tbs lime juice

2 cups dry coconut Zest of 1 lime for energy ball

2-3 cups dry coconut (for coating) Zest of 2 limes for coating

¼ cup coconut oil ½ tsp vanilla Powder

9/10 cardamom pods, take out seeds


Drain the almonds after soaking and place into a food processor together with cashews, dry coconut, vanilla powder, cardamom seeds.  Add medjool dates, lime juice & zest, and coconut oil into food processor and mix until the mixture feels like it’s starting to combine. On a flat tray, dust a healthy serving of dry coconut and grate 2 lime zest onto it (NB: aim to use a fine teeth grater so that your zest doesn’t become wet but stays dry upon grating the skin). Take some coconut oil and rub it onto the palm of your hands and begin to take from the mixture in equal quantity (you can you a spoon to give you a guide of measure) and shape your energy balls in a condensed and round ball. Coat them with the dusting of dry shredded coconut & lime zest.

Unique Furniture from Manufaktura69 at Hotel Galery69

Each design of these lifetime furniture creations is based on advanced techniques and natural resources; no woodchips, never glue. "The more exuberant pieces can appear ascetically simple, while the more ascetic include much content. There are like a great-coat hand-stitched from a tailor, shoes made to measure, like a portrait commissioned from an artist… so unique and very personal." described in words of the creators Malgosia and Wojtek Żółtowsky. 

The furniture pieces are showcased at Hotel Galery69 where they become alive. Malgosia and Wojtek have handcrafted the hotel and the furniture for it. Hotel Galery69 is a showroom and a perfect escape for dreamers, creatives, tastemakers and conscious travelers.


Manufaktura69Sofa in the lounge area at Hotel Galery69

Manufaktura69Sofa in the lounge area at Hotel Galery69