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Our Insiders

Honoured to partner with our incredible local creatives and culinary insiders: 



Renu Kashyap-Abels

Renu first arrived in Ibiza in 2012, seeking solace in the northern countryside of Ibiza to break a pattern of work life imbalance she had fallen into in Amsterdam as a fashion magazine director. Inspired by the island’s lifestyle, freedom and bohemian beauty, she knew life could be lived at a much more laid back pace, and so she, her husband Bas and baby daughter Skye made the decision to call Ibiza home. Her new book Ibiza Bohemia was published in April 2017 by the high end publishing house Assouline, and features a collection of the island’s most authentic personalities, characters and style setters. The photographs and stories in the book stir the soul and tell an authentic story of the island and it's people.


Bernat Tatjer

Bernat is the man behind B&Me and My Organic Spirits. Born in Barcelona, but Ibicenco at heart. He first came to the island in 1996, but moved here permanently in 2012. His passion for gastronomy led him to the Organic and Natural Wine business. His family has been producing Organic Wines for over 40 years with the Olivera Cooperative Project, a social project in a privileged landscape, located in the middle of Cataluña; From his base in Ibiza, Bernat started up a small distributor company with over 40 familial wineries represented, working only with Organic, Biodynamic and Natural wines, collaborating with the best chefs and restaurants of the island, such as Food Studio, Paloma Restaurant, La Granja and many more that keep adding up year after year thanks to the quality of its wines .


Anne Goelet Sijmonsbergen

A cook and artisan producer on the island, Anne has dedicated herself to studying Ibiza's food culture, meeting cheese-makers, bakers, bee-keepers, fishermen, herders and the fellow farmers who are leading Ibiza’s burgeoning sustainable food movement. She recreates traditional and contemporary recipes with her own vibrant twists to create memorable, evocative meals. Anne has captured this culinary spirit and has crafted her work into a beautiful cookbook of recipes Eivissa: The Ibiza Cookbook, that reflect the heritage of the cuisine with a contemporary twist. Her restaurant in the heart of Ibiza town, El Portalon brings together all these projects into one place, serving sustainable grown and sourced food, in a way that fits seamlessly with the island.


Pietro Cuevas

Pietro`s passion is in personal transformation through the things that surround you. Through his House Whisperer Concept he has designed residences and furnishings for those seeking a better version of themselves. His work has been featured in numerous books and magazines from Architectural Digest, American Vogue, Cond Nast Traveler and Assouline's Ibiza Bohemia. Pietro’s flair for cooking creative themed dinners for friends, created at his 500 year old finca home, are legendary on the White Isle of Ibiza, where he is a food writer, food critic and cookbook author. 


Boris Buono

Boris Buono, born in Copenhagen to a Danish mother and Italian father, developed his deep appreciation for quality food from a young age. Growing up in the Danish countryside, he spent every summer with his family sailing across the Scandinavian waters, fishing on the open sea and cooking the catch of the day, often accompanied by produce from their organic garden. He has worked in the most forward thinking establishments of the nordic movement including the restaurant Noma, before shaping his own universe on the white isle with the Ibiza Food Studio.


Gato Suárez

Gato Suárez from Can Gato Ibiza is a lover of Ibiza and of cycling. In April 2016, he began a journey of more than 8,000km on a vintage racing Peugeot bike throughout the island. He is an expert guide in cycling, hiking, kayaking, and all things Ibiza. He is also an avid photographer and botanist, his favorite tree is the Juniper, and flower, the Helichrysum. In August of 2017 he bought his Eco-friendly fleet of Bamboo bicycles, and founded Can Gato Ibiza as an Eco-tourism brand that offers its customers micro-adventures in nature all around the island. Gato is 100% dedicated to the pleasure of exploring natural spaces by land, water and air. 


Leanna Buchanan

Leanna has been on the island for eight years and is the founder of Yoga Mojo Ibiza. Yoga for her is to embracing new experiences and to create deep awareness and connection to the self; mind, body and spirit. To inquire, listen, sense, question and explore many various aspects of our being and light-up from the inside out. Her goal with her clients is to create mental and physical space to guide them back to a place of harmony, happiness and clarity. 



Tasya Menaker | Founder & Host

Tasya lives between Ibiza and Tulum and has been a photographer for ten years. She is passionate and well traveled all around the world capturing beautiful images wherever she goes. Being a local on the island for the past five years she has explored every inch of the island from it's secret beaches to it's booming food scene. She will host a photography course the first day of the Escape and guide the attendees through out the six days to capture beautiful images and give a final review and critique the last day. She hopes to inspire others through photography and show a different side of Ibiza that most people don't see. 


Eva Dixon | Founder & Host

Eva is a Marketing and Brand Strategist, who has spent the last decade working for lifestyle brands and in experience-driven hospitality. With her thirst for authentic ways of exploring destinations, she has become the go-to person for trusted recommendations worldwide. She has created her own travel service, By Eva Dixon where she provides her clients with personalised travel itineraries and reveals insight on the non-commercial must-go-to places. Eva brings in her industry network and expertise to play as a culinary curator and is responsible for the brand strategy and media relationships for Godai Escapes.